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Gothic interior design, also called “goth interior design” or “goth home decor” is one of the boldest and most misunderstood interior design styles. This article explains everything you need to know about gothic interior design including how to create a gothic home decor and mistakes to avoid with this style.

Most modern interior design styles emphasize on making a room feel bright and airy. The result of using so many light shades and tone is a feeling of the space being delicate and like everything is floating around. Gothic home decor, on the other hand, makes use of deep and dark colors that make a room feel cosy, intimate and well anchored. Gothic home decor also decorates with natural materials and items with detailed designs.

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4 Elements of Gothic Interior Design

Gothic home decor is defined by 4 main elements:

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#1 Dark rich colors: This is the main element of gothic home decor. Using deep shades of black, brown, navy, purple, green and sometimes red generously and in harmonious combinations can help define and set the tone for a goth home decor.

#2 Ornate decorations: One of the biggest myths about gothic interior design is that it is scary and void of accessories. Conversely, building elements, furnishings and all accessories of the gothic home decor pay close attention to detail. Goth home decor features intricate patterns and designs. Wood in mouldings and furniture is mostly curved.

#3 Natural materials: Natural decorating items like stone, bone, feathers, branches, dried grass and flowers, also make a large part of gothic interior design.

#4 Oddities: Items that look witchy and mysterious help to complete gothic home decor. They add mystery and drama that can make your space more interesting.

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How to Achieve a Modern Gothic Interior Design or a Gothic Home Decor in Your Home?

Before we get on with achieving modern gothic interior design at home, let us dwell through the 7 intrinsic characteristics of a gothic home decor.

7 Intrinsic Characteristics of Goth Home Decor Explained

The original gothic interior design style may not appeal so much in current homes. A modern gothic interior design style, however, is easier to achieve and feel more contemporary. With knowledge of the defining characteristics of goth home decor, you may implement variations like dark academia and still achieve a sombre, luxurious and more up-to-date aesthetic.

Have a dark colored wall (modern gothic interior design characteristic #1)

Walls are to home owners what plain canvas is to artists. Once you paint your walls, you are halfway through achieving any theme. You will have already covered a large part of the room from which you can build up the theme with furnishing. You may paint the wall a matte black color for a sophisticated look or use dark wallpaper for a more luxurious style.

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To avoid lacklustre walls, add mouldings and panels that are very trendy right now. These capture light and create shadows that add more interest to the wall. In the kitchen, you may have gothic cabinets, a black honeycomb backsplash and a dark natural stone countertop.

Decorate with ornate objects (modern gothic home decor characteristic #2)

Take advantage of accessories to add character and personality to your space. As you shop, remember you are making up for the lack of color variation with ornamentation. Choose bold chandeliers and pendants, furniture with spiral or curved legs and pattern items.

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Use metal accents (modern goth home decor characteristic #3)

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Brass and gold metal accents stand out and work really well with black and dark interiors. They serve to tie the space all together and add contrast for more interest. Use these metals in door knobs/handles, faucets, soap holders, mirror frames and coffee and side table legs. You may also use matte black to add more metal variety without looking off.

Use different textures (modern gothic interior design characteristic #4)

Using too much of the same texture makes a space flat if they are soft and cluttered when they are rough. Textural effects keep the space looking fresh and dynamic. Because the gothic interior uses color in dark tones only, it may look flat and uninteresting. Vary weaves, fur, velvets in soft furnishings and fabrics to make the space dynamic.

Use antiques and rustic decor (modern gothic home decor characteristic #5)

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The best way to introduce the Victorian-era in your space is to use antique furniture and other rustic decor. These also contribute to the feeling of luxury and royalty that is reminiscent of the style.

Furnish with gothic furniture (modern goth home decor characteristic #6)

There are so many natural elements that come in black including natural stones, leather, ceramics, wool and wood stained in black or dark brown. These materials create elegant gothic furniture. You may pair black leather seats with a black marble coffee table and use dark soft furnishings.

Include elaborate lighting (modern gothic interior design characteristic #7)

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A room full of dark items may feel scary and claustrophobic to most people. Make the space more inviting by ensuring the room is well lit. Add sconces to walls, floor and table lamps, additional overhead lighting and ensure you have task lighting where necessary. Use pendants more because they bring down the light that would otherwise be swallowed by the ceiling. Allow maximum natural lighting into the room by using sheer treatments or leaving the windows with no treatment where privacy is not a major concern.

Final Thoughts on Modern Gothic Home Decor

The gothic interior design style is bold and helps to create relaxing intimate space that also feels luxurious. A modern gothic interior design is easy to incorporate into your own space once you master basic elements of a gothic style. Use it in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or entry hallway for a more dramatic experience.

FAQ about Modern Gothic Interior Design | Goth Home Decor

  1. Who is the gothic interior design style for?

    Let’s face it, a dark and moody interior is not for everyone. But if you like really cosy and intimate settings, then you better try out this expressive style.

  2. How do I introduce gothic home décor into my existing style?

    Start small. First paint your walls and furniture (and anything that can be painted), slowly replace major pieces with darker ones then work on accessorizing with metals and antiques. The modern gothic interior design style will not require to get rid of so many of your items.

  3. How can I achieve the gothic interior design without making my space too dark?

    Ensure maximum lighting from windows and artificial sources. You may also use lighter decorative objects and keep the really dark tones to major furniture.

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