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Interior House Painters Melbourne | Interior Painting Services Cost - Artin Painting (1)

Are you in search of the best home interior painting service in Melbourne? We at Artin Painting have the skills as well as experience to paint the whole interior of your house. Our company offers premium painting services for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, basements, attics, sunrooms, nurseries and ceilings. We provide interior painting services for any type and size of property with the assistance of our experts.Our painting professionals are highly qualified and trained to carry out some of the most demanding tasks. They are well versed in using quality paints and coatings that ensure high-end results in minimal time spent on your project.We believe in providing a superior level of service by our interior painters in Melbourne ensuring that every customer is satisfied with our workmanship. We strive to deliver results that exceed all expectations by delivering quality products on time at competitive rates within budget constraints.


We have a passion for creating beautiful homes and love to see the transformation. Interior house painters Melbourne gives a final touch to a beautiful home. The final look of the house can leave visitors with a lasting impression and ensure you and your family enjoy a relaxing haven. Residential interior painting requires close attention to detail and meticulous preparation for the perfect finish.

  1. Our professional painters will apply all your paint colors to the walls and ceiling, removing the old layers and dust. We will also take care of the trim and window frames, removing any previous paint and applying new coats of paint.
  2. We can provide you with a free consultation where we will discuss the options available to you for painting your house, including determining if there are any problems with the structure of your home that may cause issues with painting (such as cracks in walls).
  3. We offer a variety of colors from which to choose, including tints that can be applied to woodwork or painted over existing colors that have not faded yet (especially important in older homes).


We are professional interior house painters in a Melbourne company that offers services to commercial and residential areas. We have been in the industry for over 10 years, so we know what it takes to get the job done right with customer satisfaction!

We will make sure that your project is done quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our team has years of experience in all aspects of house painting, including interior painting, exterior painting, and more. We also have experience working on decks and fences—our clients can rest assured that their projects will be completed according to their specifications.

Our team is highly skilled at taking care of any type of job you may need to be done around your home or business. If you want to make sure that everything is done properly before moving forward with your project.

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Interior House Painters Melbourne | Interior Painting Services Cost - Artin Painting (2)

Why Choose Artin Painting for your Interior Painting Projects?

Artin Painting is the preferred interior in Melbourne because of its experience, dedication and attention to detail. If you want a job done by someone who takes pride in what they do and will go above and beyond to make sure your project is a success then look no further than Artin Painting.



The interior painting cost depends on the size of the room, the style of painting required, and whether any additional services are required (e.g., wallpaper removal). The cost for internal walls averages $400-600 per square meter depending on the type of paint used and whether additional services are required (e.g., wallpaper removal). The cost for external walls averages $800-1,200 per square meter depending on the type of paint used and whether additional services are required (e.g., wallpaper removal).

The key factors we take into consideration when giving a free quote to our customers include the following:

  1. The type of painting you want.
  2. What kind of paint do you have already
  3. The size of the area you want to paint
  4. The budget that you have to spend on the project.

Enquire with Our Interior Home Painters Now

GET IN TOUCH with us over phone on 0414 779 404 or via email for further queries and to get an obligation-free quote! Let’s talk about Interior Painting Service in Melbourne.

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Commercial Painting Service Melbourne

We provide commercial painting service’s in Melbourne which includes the CBD and areas such as Port Melbourne, South Melbourne & Others

Ringwood Commercial Painting Service

We Carry Out Commercial Painting In Ringwood

Camberwell Commercial Painting Service

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Artin Painting Can Provide Commercial Painting In Camberwell

Commercial Painting Service Lilydale

Artin Painting can provide commercial painters in Lilydale

Commercial Painting Service Ferntree Gully

We carry out commercial painting in Ferntree Gully

FAQ - Interior Painting

Can I Stay at Home During the Interior Painting?

Yes, you can. You can stay at home during the interior painting process. It is important to follow the instructions provided by the contractor and to always wear protective clothing when working with paint. If you are unable to take part in the project due to health reasons, please let us know so we can help find a solution that will work best for you.

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What paint types are best for interior painting?

Acrylic, oil and water-based paints are best for interior painting. Oil-based paints, like those used in traditional oil painting, allow you to use thin layers of paint on large surfaces without having to apply multiple coats. Acrylics are great for painting furniture, walls and ceilings. Water-based paints are the most popular choice for walls, as they dry quickly.

Will You Clean Up After You Have Finished?

It is always a good idea to clean up after you have finished your painting. This helps to prevent any dirt or debris from getting into the paint, which can lead to problems with your work. It also helps if you are trying to apply another color over your previous painting so that it matches up perfectly. We are a full-service painting company and we are happy to help you with any of your painting needs.

How long will the paint job last?

As long as you take good care of your house, which means that you don't leave a mess in it. If you do want to repaint, it is a good idea to use semi-gloss paint. If you choose to go with a high gloss finish, make sure that you cover all of your furniture with plastic so that it doesn't get damaged by rain or snowfall. Also, make sure that all of the trim around doors and windows are painted white because these areas tend to be especially vulnerable to weathering over time due to their exposure to the elements.

How Much Does Interior House Painting Cost?

It's important to remember that a painter is not going to be able to paint your entire house in one day. You'll likely need multiple coats over the course of a week or two. And while there are various factors that affect price, the most important factor is the size of your project—the more square footage that needs to be painted, the more money you'll spend.

How Should I Prepare the House for Interior Painting?

Painting the interior of your house can be a big job, and it's important to take care of yourself and your home while you do it. Here are some tips for preparing the house for painting:

  1. Clear clutter from the rooms you'll be painting. This makes it easier to walk around and make sure things are where they're supposed to be, which will help keep everything looking nice when you're done.
  2. Make sure all furniture is covered well with plastic or sheets so that no paint gets on them during painting—it can damage wood and fabric!
  3. If there are any electrical outlets in the room being painted, cover them with plastic wrap so that they don't get damaged by paint splatter (paint drips onto the outlets instead of falling onto the floor).
  4. Give yourself plenty of space when using large rollers so that you don't accidentally hit something with them!
  5. them!

What are the best paint colours for house interiors?

Paint colors can make a huge difference in your home's appearance. The right color can add warmth and character to any room, while the wrong choice can make a space feel cold or tired. Colors for house interiors can be thought of in three different categories: warm, neutral and cool. These are the best paint colors for house interiors. Warm colors include reds, oranges and yellows. Neutral colors include whites and greys. Cool colors include blues, purples and greens.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • A small room can be painted for around $20-$40 per square foot
  • A medium-sized room may cost between $50-$75 per square foot
  • A large room with ceilings may cost between $100-$150 per square foot


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