13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah (2023)

The Top 13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah

The best small town in America is Park City, Utah. While there are too many great reasons to live in Park City tolist on13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah, you'll see a few below. There is no other tiny town close to a major city, but you feel like you live in a different universe. We have high-speed internet, excellent cell phone service, some of the best schools in Utah, outdoor activities all four seasons, low to no crime, and a very healthy community.

Call me to discuss theneighborhoods of Park City so we can find the best fit for you if you're considering moving to "Small Town USA."

Park City is The Best Small Town in America!

Below we offer the top reasons people from all over the country choose to move to Park City, Utah.


13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah (1)Park City and Utah offer the greatest snow on Earth, but Park City also boasts of the most incredible lifestyle on Earth. With hiking, biking, or skiing trails (cross-country or downhill) being right out your door, there is always something fun to do outdoors. Of course, there are other small towns with an outdoor lifestyle, but no one offers proximity to a major city as we do to Salt Lake City.

No resort town beats Park City for its convenience and accessibility. So whether you are looking at moving here full-time, purchasing a second home, or strictly searching for a vacation property with a little rental income on the side Park City has options. About 20 to 40 minutes away, Salt Lake International Airport offers direct flights to California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.


13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah (2)In many ways living in the Park City area is like rewinding time. The slower pace of life, polite people, fresh air, and little traffic may bring back those old memories. While the local population has grown, there's enough elbow room out west to make it feel more like the small town you grew up in – if you grew up in a big city, it's just a change of pace that you'll soon come to love. However, if the ski resorts and Sundance Film Festival bring too many visitors, and you're looking for a quieter place, search for real estate for sale in the towns surrounding Park City.


In Park City, you can dash down to Main Street for fine dining at Riverhorse on Main, head up to Deer Valley at St. Regis Bar, or go out to The Vessel Kitchen in Kimball Junction. If you are already a Park City foodie, it's worth driving to Blue Boar Inn in Midway or stepping further to the Kamas Valley to have the biscuits and gravy at Woodland Biscuit in Francis.

4. PARK CITY AREA SCHOOLS | SearchPark City School District Homes for Sale

Park City offers the best public schools in the State of Utah and ranks in the top 2% nationally. The University of Utah and Westminster College are highly rated higher education options less than 30 miles away to keep the kids in the mountain but far enough away from home so they can spread their wings – until it's laundry day. BYU is approximately an hour from Park City.


If you ever get tired of the 400 miles of hiking trails Park City offers, you have other nearby options. The Red Rocks of Moab, Utah, are about a five-hour drive to provide some of Earth's most beautiful and unique Red Rock landscapes. The beauty and isolation of Jackson Hole and the bears and bison of Yellowstone are just under six hours away. Both areas offer direct flights from SLC.


13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah (3)We usually think of sliding over the powder of the Ski Resorts or groomed trails of Deer Valley in the winter. Still ski resorts also offer great summertime activities such as hiking, mountain biking, concerts, zip lines, rope courses, and relaxation.

While Park City offers Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, and The Canyons Village, we are a quick drive to Alta, Beaver Ski Resort, Brighton, Powder Mountain, Snow Basin, Snow Bird, Solitude, and Sundance.

7. The Weather

The elevation of Park City ranges from 6,400 feet (1,950 meters) to 9,900 feet (3,000 meters). We have low humidity and an abundance of sunny days; Park City is a year-round outdoor wonderland. The summers don't get too hot, and the winters don't get too cold. Park City offers a four-season paradise.

  • 229 Sunny Days per Year
  • The rainfall Average is 21 Inches per Year
  • 95 Inches of Snow per Year
  • Summer Highs in July are Around 84 Degrees
  • In January, Winter Temps Dip to 13 Degrees Fahrenheit

8. GOLFING IN THE MOUNTAINS OF UTAH | Search Park City Golf Properties for Sale

With the golf courses at Glenwild, Victory Ranch, Red Ledges, Tuhaye, and Promontory (Pete Dye Canyon & Painted Valley), the Park City area has the best golfing in the State of Utah. In The Canyons Village, you can have a ski condo in the winter that transforms into a walk-in walk-out golf property in the summer. There are also golfing options in the Park Meadows, Thaynes Canyon, and Midway communities.


With technology changing how we can operate within our professions, and more people can "work from home," you can own a ski-in-ski-out property in Deer Valley, Park City, or, more specifically, The Colony and work from home. You can take a quick lunch break to take a few runs and return to youroffice to conduct business on your lunch break.


Whatever you need or wherever you need to go, you're only 45 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport. Recently, a Park City buyer who currently lives in the Bahamas and owns a place outside of Vancouver, BC, asked me about relocating to Park City. The question he asked, which I don't often get asked, was what ultra-luxury shopping we had to offer. While we don't have a Bentley dealership, we are a quick flight to Las Vegas or Los Angeles – their trip to the airport and touching down in Los Angeles would be the same time it takes him to drive to Vancouver.

The location enables many of my clients to decide to come to Park City on short notice and book an inexpensive flight to their property. In addition, because of the area and convenience of Park City, I believe that my clients use their vacation homes 60% more than they would if it were in a more remote location.


Many of my clients want to move to a business-friendly environment with lower taxes. Where they currently live isn't what it was twenty years ago. Utah has done a great job of attracting companies from coastal states because of the lower taxes and cost of living.

Utah ranks 25th nationally for state income taxes with a maximum rate of 5%. However, property taxes tend to be lower on a home used as a primary residence and assessed for $1,192,715; the annual tax bill is $5,400.


In 2002, Salt Lake City and the surrounding towns hosted the Olympics. We still have all the training facilities that offer training for the next winter Olympic athletes, and recently Salt Lake City may be a possibility for the2030 U.S. bid pick. So what does another Olympics mean for Park City?


The world has become an odd place to live, and Park City is a safe place to live. It feels like crime doesn't exist here.

Quick Real-Life Story: I accidentally left my vehicle open and unattended a little while back in Deer Valley. While walking away from my SUV, I must have hit the button that opened the hatch wide open for about ten hours. My computer and about $4,000 worth of photography equipment were untouched when I returned. Living in a place where you know and trust your neighbor is nice.

If you are considering moving to Park City, we have a great article on The Best Places to Live in Park City, Utah

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Editor's Note: This article was initially titled 11 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah, and was most recently updated on October 10, 2022, to include 13 Reasons to Move to Park City, Utah.

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